Charlie Villanueva, Justin Anderson and other members of the Mavs had an issue with the way Russell Westbrook dances as part of his pre game routine. Russ has been doing it all season with Cameron Payne but for some reason in the playoffs, the Mavs wanted to act offended and all they got in return was an ass whooping on the court and Charlie getting ethered by Russ & KD during the final post game press conference of the series. As the Thunder prepare for the Spurs next round, Tim Duncan was asked what he thinks about Russ’s moves and he seems to be more realistic than the Mavs players.


Winners respect winners and it’s clear Tim Duncan respects Russell Westbrook. While the Mavs were more concerned with feeling disrespected, Duncan looks at Russ’s dance moves in a different way.

“There isn’t anyone more focused than that kid once on the court, so they can do what they want” Duncan said in regards to the dancing.

Duncan, as he should be, is only worried about what Russ does once the ball tips off as he knows his Spurs are in for a hell of a challenge from Russ, KD and the rest of the Thunder.