Johnny Manziel just went on a short twitter rant, justifying the way he has been partying and also challenging a reporter and calling him “Pussy”.


We reported earlier today that last night Johnny was at a bar in Ohio and ordered up 300 shots of fireball for him and the crowd. He appeared to be enjoying himself, which there is nothing wrong with that but it certainly goes against the path of getting back into the NFL. Teams want to see he knows how to handle himself off the field and not always party but he hasn’t gotten that message yet.

He must have heard the reports today because he fired back on twitter, explaining how he has always been this way and nothing is different. Perhaps that’s the problem though.

Nonetheless, a certain reporter caught his wrath the worst after the reporter posted a picture of Manziel at a bar earlier in the day, with a caption that was clear he was trying to clown Johnny.

Johnny responded with laughter and saying he should have said it to his face and called him “pussy”. The reporter for his part said he wasn’t the one who took the picture but he would see him soon.

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