The ladies of the morning talk show ‘The View’ always talk about some pretty interesting topics. One topic that was brought up during the show was should Lesbian women who look more masculine than feminine be kicked out of a woman’s bathroom. Of course people have their own opinions about this topic but Raven made a very valid point during the show. Hit the jump to see the video.

Instagram | Carli Knox

The world is changing everyday and so are the people in it. More and more people are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality and we are now seeing more people living as transgenders. And there is nothing wrong with that. To each is own. How you want to live your life is your choice.

The ladies of The View touched on the topic of using a public restroom as a transgender. A video that went viral of a woman who was a lesbian but looked masculine was kicked out of the woman’s bathroom has some people questioning what do we do when situations like this are brought upon us. Raven Symone made a very valid point when she was asked her opinion.

Watch the video below and see what she had to say and then comment and let us know what you think.

Source: Bossip