Aaaaaawkward. All seems to be good with Ripa and the “Live” crew but there has been some reported tension apparently between co-stars Kelly Ripa and Michale Strahan. And it looks like the audience might have gotten a little peek of it… again.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

Ever since Michael Strahan and “Live” executives told Kelly Ripa about Strahan’s eventual leave, things have a been a little awkward at the show to say the least. Fans have noticed that the chemistry isn’t the same anymore, like when this beautiful moment of shade happened recently.

But yesterday’s airing of “Live” might’ve given it away, as many people have debated whether Ripa threw some shade Strahan’s way. Kelly Ripa in this video, brings up Strahan’s divorces in a way that has both the audience and Strahan react a certain way. His face says it all, haha. Check it out for yourselves.

Was it a shot? Or did it just come out the wrong way? Let us know.