Severe weather has been hitting the south pretty hard lately and its only getting worse. Lenda Asberry and her four grandchildren aged 6-9 were leaving their house Friday while floodwaters were nearly to the roof. Tragically it was to late for them to make it out safe.

This series of severe weather has already left dozens of houses damaged and one person missing. It is predicted to continue throughout parts of Texas and other parts of the South. Palistine,Texas which is just outside of Dallas is taking the biggest hit, with seven inches of rain in only one hour. This is where Asberry and her grandchildren were staying. A police spokesperson gave details on the situation:”The water came up extremely quickly. The people tried to get out, but before they could get out, the water was already at the roof of the house, they did make it outside the residence and they were all swept away,” he said.

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The bodies of Asberry; Jamonicka Johnson, 6; Von Anthony Johnson Jr., 7; Devonte Asberry, 8; and Venetia Asberry, 9, were found after the water receded three hours later. More flooding is said to hit the area with a predicted 6 more inches of rain. This is the biggest flood Texas has seen since 1975.