IFWT_Nino Breeze
We all know the drug game in the United States is no joke, but when you have pounds of marijuana that can match the size of an NFL Linebacker and his game check, that’s ridiculous.

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The police force in St. Petersburg Florida arrested a man by the alias of “Nino Breeze” who has been believed to be connected to $187,000 in straight cash and 230 pounds of marijuana. Along with the cash and the drugs, they also confiscated some very flashy jewelry from the drug dealer. Nino Breeze, better known as Vaughn Matthews was getting all of the marijuana and money through the United States Postal Service. The workers at the Postal Service became suspicious because he was getting packages from Los Angeles sent to his house all the time so they gave that tip to the Police and they began to watch Vaughn’s apartment.

They set a warrant out for his arrest of March 23rd and had him in police custody. He never told whoever was those packages that he got arrested so they continued to send the packages to his apartment. The last package was delivered two days ago and the police have been collecting them ever since. The police say this arrest puts a big dent in the Bay area drug game and is only the beginning.