It has been a decade since we heard new music from Andre 3000 and fans are getting antsy. But could we possibly have a project in the works from Andre and Kid Cudi?

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Our music prayers could’ve possibly been answered! Fans have been getting more and more anxious to hear new music from Andre 3000, and it looks like that will be happening soon. Drummer Travis Barker revealed that Andre told him he has been in the studio with Kid Cudi for months now. Andre has also been anxious to make music himself, explaining that film and tv puts him in a space where he wants to make music. Interestingly enough, Andre has named Kid Cudi as one of his music favorites right now.

“The new Kid Cudi album is awesome to me. That’s kind of like the most recent thing that I think is really great. But other than that I’ve kind of just been working in the studio and listening to what I’m doing.”

Kid Cudi has recently announced plans to release a new album. Could this be Andre 3000’s music debut?