IFWT_Ray Rice

As you know, Ray Rice and his wife Janay have had some bad history in the past within their relationship that surfaced on the tabloids. The bad news being…ray rice beat up his wife in the elevator. Now, news have it that they’re pregnant! Is this a good thing or a bad thing…what do y’all think?

In 2014, a video surfaced in the media world of Ray Rice beating up his wife in an elevator one evening. Due to the circulation of this horrendous video that demonstrated an extreme aggression and an abusive relationship, it lead to his indefinite suspension from the NFL.

The Rice family are a family of four, Janay and Ray have a four year old girl together. It is unclear as to what gender the baby on the way will be, but they appear to be extremely happy as Janay is 21 weeks along. It seems to be this has been a blessing for the Rice family, and we hope nothing but the best as they await their new born child.