CEO of the biological research team BioViva, Elizabeth Parrish, has become the first human to be successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy!

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Gene therapy is an experimental process that uses healthy genes to treat and/or prevent diseases. This form of therapy is could eventually replace the need for drugs and surgery. Researchers at BioViva are working to make this a reality and seem to have done so.

CEO of BioViva, Elizabeth Parrish, put herself forward as the guinea pig for her team’s first gene therapy experiment on a human. Having completed the therapy, results found Parrish – who was 44 years old in September – slowed the cellular process scientists believe is the root cause of aging, telomere shortening.

After this recent breakthrough Parrish has become a revolutionary in biological research. Parrish is quite peculiar in that she doesn’t accept aging as a natural element of life, and considers the term “old” to be nothing more than a diagnosis.

However she has taken some scrutiny as she does avoid addressing the moral, societal, and medical parameters of her research.

Elizabeth Parrish is pretty ambitious when taking on her work,

“Earlier this week, she spoke to Inverse about becoming her own patient zero, how human cells are like computers, and why she’s justified in evading the FDA.”

You can learn more about BioViva and their research on gene therapy here.

Source: Inverse