Young Buck has been in the law’s eye for a big chunk of his career, let alone life. But over the past few months he’s been under some severe scrutiny and now his P.O is accusing him of violating his probation after being stopped for a moving violation.

Frankie Zing

Buck’s parole officer appeared in court Friday (April 29) to say that he was stopped for a moving violation on Monday (April 25), but failed to report the incident to him, per the stipulations of his parole.

Back in March, Buck was accused of making threats to his baby mama’s boyfriend over texting. He reportedly told his parole officer that he believed the texts were from an attorney and that the boyfriend said in one of the exchanges that a District Attorney was reading the threatening convo.

The G-Unit soldier heads back to court on Thursday (May 5) to explain to the judge just what’s going on.