ifwt_Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap was supposed to perform at the University of Georgia’s spring football scrimmage for an hour set and $100K. Well he allegedly dipped early on the set and even showed up an hour late to perform…UGA isn’t having it and they’re refusing to pay Fetty now. His tour rider for the show also got leaked below…

Frankie Zing

Aside from $100,000 in his pocket, Fetty also asked for these things for him and the Remy Boyz:

Salmon – grilled or broiled (well done)
One hundred chicken wings (variety of sauces)
Fifty pieces of grilled or fried shrimp
Popeye brand chicken (assorted pieces of 6)

Two pizzas (plain)
Two pizzas (pepperoni)
One bag of Doritos
Six protein Balance bars

Dessert platter including banana pudding and carrot cake
Assorted fruit platter
Variety of cold beverages – water, soda, iced tea, Red Bull

Apparently now UGA is reconstructing the deal and are set to offer his management company a much smaller payday, in lieu of his 1 hour late show-up and leaving his performance early. Oh, Fetty.