Marion Guy Williams, ex-employee of Knight Transportation went into the company with a shot gun killing 2 people and injuring one.

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The man killed was identified as Mike David. Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman recalled what Williams said before he went on a rant.

“He said something about ‘You ruined my life,’ then fired a round through the building, then started shooting,

He went on to say,

“Upon entering the facility we found that one employee had been shot and killed, another injured, and ultimately the suspect took his own life a short distance away in the same facility.”

Williams got fired from the job a couple weeks ago which probably triggered the man to react this way. Hickman said,

“The individual who was terminated, we believe as a retaliatory act, responded with weapons and came back and initiated the shooting. Probably being terminated would make him disgruntled, but we don’t know yet how long he had been employed here or exactly what the reasons were.”