Le’Veon Bell takes rap almost as serious as he does his NFL Career and being a member of the Steelers is about to pay off. Bell, who is a huge Snoop Dogg fan, recently said he would basically do anything to get in the studio with the legend. Snoop, who happens to be a Steelers diehard fan, got wind of the news and didn’t even hesitate to say he will make it happen.


Bell raps under the name “Juice” which is the nickname given to him by coach, Mike Tomlin, for the way he resembles O.J. Simpson on the field. Turns out Juice isn’t half bad and you can checkout his SoundCloud page here

He’s been at it for a while now but always wanted to make music with Snoop and that sounds like it’s going to happen soon.

Bell, as you might expect was excited when he heard the news, taking to twitter to confirm he’s gotta make it happen. Bell was suspended last season for a couple games for marijuana use and considering Snoop’s love for the plant himself, Bell will want to make sure none of that sticky, icky is around when they get together.