Bill Maher goes off on Donald Trump once again. This time he relates men’s perception of women in the past to Trump, giving him the title of “Whiny Little Bitch”.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

Maher pulls up video footage of “My Fair Lady” star Rex Harrison in the 1950’s talking about how women are “irrational” and “infuriating hags” with “heads full cotton”. That, of course, instantly reminded him of our lovely Republican Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump.

“Does anyone fit the stereotypical 50’s description of a woman better than Donald Trump.”

He comes at Trump for basically being too sensitive. Maher brings up the time he called Trump’s dad an orangutan, the Ted Cruz’s wife and his wife debacle, and Trump talking about his penis at the debates, as examples of how overly-sensitive adn irrational his reactions were. Like that time he didn’t like Megyn Kelly’s tone at one of the debates so, he insinuated that she must have been on her period, SMFH. Maher says,

“He accuses Megyn Kelly of being menstrual? But for him, that time of the month is ALWAYS.”

Hilarious video, with a crazy amount of roasting. Check it out.