This year, we battled through another tough loss with the death of Chyna, an American professional wrestler amongst many other things. Months before her death, she was caught in several acts that she was later charged for.

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Chyna was battling some hardships the time before her passing. Police found her passed out on the ground outside of her apartment building.

Law enforcement share they received a phone call for a woman lying unconscious at 7am in Redondo Beach, CA. Officers found Chyna at the scene once they arrived. According to reports, she was slurring her speech, had bloodshot eyes and was intoxicated.

Chyna told police she was drinking wine the night before, and decided to sleep outside because she was struggling with her keys. She was also carrying nearly $20K in cash after an autograph session she attended.

Paramedics deemed her too intoxicated to take care of herself, and cops booked her for public intoxication.

There is still no known reason as to her cause of death.