OK, so either Floyd Mayweather and his camp, along with Conor McGregor and his team are trying to pull off the biggest troll job we’ve seen in a while, or there just might be some substance to the reports that these two will eventually get in the ring. Even though Amir Khan and Canelo Alvarez are fighting as I type this, Floyd was still in high demand tonight and was asked about fighting McGregor and his reply damn sure didn’t sound like it was all hype and exaggerations.


After “The Sun” reported that the two fighters were close to a contract, all the boxing writers and enthusiasts shot it down as pure nonsense. UFC owner, Dana White then pretty much confirmed that it was nonsense in his opinion, however since he isn’t seeing eye to eye with McGregor at the moment, it would be easy to see why White would deny it even if there was any truth.

Then we had Floyd Mayweather Sr actually confirm that he and his son had been in talks about a possible fight with an MMA star, although he was vague when it came to names and only mentioned McGregor when pressed.

Fast forward to tonight where Floyd said it himself that “It may not be a rumor”. Now obviously he could be playing coy but he did at least confirm that some talks have happened, even if they are very preliminary.

So do we still think it’s all nonsense?