Thanks to the people at Social Security, we are given a list of the most popular baby names of last year. Can yall take a guess on which names made it?

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It looks like Noah and Liam are the most common names for boys.

And Emma and Olivia top the list for girls.

Did you guess it right? Here’s a list of the top ten names of both genders:


What’s really crazy is that some names take a while to get off the list… some names that you would think take a fall after being associated with certain terrorist groups (i.e. ISIS). Isis was originally an Egyptian God so it makes sense as to why many babies would be given that name but just now (after 2 years of fearing Isis’ wrath) Isis was completely omitted from the top 1000 names.

Let’s go back to WWII. Even after the fall of Nazi Germany, the name Adolf was still in the list of top 1000 names in the U.S (ranked at 555 in 1945)… That is ridiculous, haha.