On Saturday, footage was released of ‘Coalition of Police and Sheriffs’ (COPS) protesting Beyonce’s concert. Crazy part is, the protest took place in her hometown of Houston. No love for B huh? They stood a mile away from the NRG Stadium, with a blue light shining in protest of her ‘Formation’ video.

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Ofcourse Beyonce’s fans were there to back her up. Andrea James, who drove all the way from Memphis to Houston to see B said,

“She can say whatever she wants, she’s Beyoncé,”

Dozens of other fans felt the same way. Alot of the concert goes were really upset with the protest and felt the need to take a stand. One fan took to Twitter and said,

“Houston police plan on protesting Beyonce’s concert tomorrow. meet us there to counter-protest.”

COPS member, Tony Ragsdale, released a statement saying,

“Some of her performances we believe to be anti-police.”