IFWT_Lebron Space Jam 2

It looks like LeBron James will have some familiar company on the set of “Space Jam 2” because the producers have already reached out to Cavaliers teammate J.R. Smith about a role in the movie.

TMZ Sports spoke to Smith’s rep Daniel Hazan, and he says producers contacted him a few weeks ago to see if Smith would be down for a part and naturally J.R.’s ear perked up.

“There is mutual interest,” Hazan says.

As for the role, nothing is set in stone yet but producers have thought about Smith possibly voicing an animated character like “the Monstars” from the original.

It would be similar to the first movie as several Bulls teammates including Scottie Pippen and Luc Longley joined Michael Jordan for the original Space Jam.  His rivals were in the movie too like Charles Barkley so it’ll be interesting to see if the producers go that route as well, maybe picking up Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

The movie is still in the very early stage.  Hazan says he’s hopeful the two sides will be able to work something out soon, saying at the end of the day, “It all depends on the deal.”

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