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Seems like iLoveMakonnen is none too happy with his music career right now, and is reportedly going to leave the industry for good. However, this is the same guy who openly admits he’s on various drugs often, so this could simply be empty threats and/or high tweets.

“If I could release music how I wanted I wouldn’t retire, but then if did that, so many would have to to just retire, so ill accept retire,” Makonnen – who recently left Drake’s label – tweeted over the weekend. He went on to say that he can’t deal with all of the fake in the music industry, but he did promise there will be a little more on the horizon from him, as he still has to fulfill some contractual obligations he’d previously committed to.

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Makonnen ended his tweets with, “It’s ok guys, u have me until 17,” which I’m assuming means his contract ends next year. Will you be sad to see him go? Check out the tweets in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!