IFWT_Stephen Curry Rule Yourself

This is no surprise we were merely waiting for it to be announced; Stephen Curry has been named the NBA MVP for the second straight season according to ESPN.

The Golden State Warriors star is the first player in NBA history at any position to average 30 points per game in less than 35 minutes per game in a full season.  The sharpshooter often helped put his team up by double-digits and then sat out numerous fourth quarters due to the large lead.  The Warriors set a new league record at 73-9 breaking the 96′ Chicago Bulls record of 72-10.

He also shattered the NBA three-point single season record (that he himself set last year at 286), knocking down 402 three-pointers.

Curry is the third point guard in NBA history to win multiple MVP awards, joining Steve Nash (2) and Magic Johnson (3).

Curry also has the chance to become the first unanimous MVP; Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James fell one vote short.  I’ll update when I receive the numbers.

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