Fetty Wap x Alexis Sky

Alexis Sky was popular on social media for being a pretty face and a stripper prior to her relationship with Fetty Wap, but she’s become much more known for the latter in the last year. Now in her first formal interview, the Atlanta resident has opened up about her [many] ups and downs with the New Jersey rapper.

It’s kind of sad to watch, as the young woman explains that she’s okay with him cheating as long as she “doesn’t find out,” calls Masika Kalysha‘s pregnancy a “one night stand that she lucked up on,” how she met Fetty years back through her then-boyfriend and more. It has since prompted a response from Masika, and she sounds equally as delusional. Fetty has these girls under a spell!

Check out the interview and the back-and-forth with Masika below.

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