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Bike2 Aps is a Danish company who managed to assemble a chainless bike that runs on an electric motor which is charged everytime you pedal!

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The Danish company hopes that Bike2 will reform the way people ride bikes and they hope their new bike will become a new innovation to bicycle manufacturing today.

As of right now, Bike2 is currently geared towards bike manufacturers. The chainless e-drive system lets bike makers outfit your standard bicycles with an electric motor that recharges each time you pedal.

However, the prominent issue with the bike is what will happen when your bike runs out of power? Bike2 is fully electric – due to it’s motor – and since the bike is chainless, there is no way to manually pedal to move the bike forward.

As of right now this is the main concern with the bike and the Danish company hasn’t provided any solution to the dilemma. But overall, the concept of making a motorized bicycle that you can recharge simply by pedaling is innovative in itself. Hopefully there will be more insight to the invention and maybe they’ll move forward to getting Bike2 out to the public.

Source: The Verge