IFWT_Draymond Green

The Portland Trail Blazers started off strong on Monday night and seemed to have a viable chance to even the series up.  But the Golden State Warriors were resilient and Stephen Curry returned to MVP mode in overtime, scoring an NBA record of 17 points as the Warriors won 132-125 in OT.  The Warriors will now go back to Oakland with a commanding 3-1 series lead and a chance to wrap it up on their own court.  Are the Blazers done?  Well Draymond Green seems to think so.

via ESPN:

“Do I think they’re done? Of course I think they’re done,” he said.

“If I don’t think they’re done, I don’t know who else is going to think it,” he continued. “We’re going home with a 3-1 lead. It’s up to us to close it out. And I trust my teammates, I trust our team to come out ready to go and close this series out. Of course I think they’re done. It’s time for us to close the series. We did what we needed to do; we came on the road and got one win. We took care of home court. Now it’s time for us to do it again.”

Of Portland ultimately losing after taking a 16-2 lead to start the game, Green said, “That’s a gut punch [the Blazers] caught tonight.”

But asked whether he has developed a respect for the Blazers in this series, he said, “We’ll talk about that on Wednesday. We’ve got another game in this series.”

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