IFWT_Stephen Curry

An ankle injury caused Stephen Curry to miss two games against the Rockets and a knee injury kept Curry out for four games; one against the Rockets and three against the Trail Blazers.  The back-to-back MVP returned for game 4 against the Blazers and showed why he deserved that honor.  He of course started off a little rusty, going 0-9 from 3 pt range and only 13 points in the 1st three quarters, but towards the end of the 4th quarter and in overtime, Curry went off.  He was 5-7 from three-point range and added 27 more points including 17 points in overtime, an NBA record.

With under two minutes left in OT, Curry hit a long three-pointer and announced, “I’m here, I’m back!”.  At that time he had all 12 of the Warriors overtime points.

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