We know a song may be coming with French and Drake, but Of course at this point this is all speculation, but remember the other day when it was out there that Joe was seemingly critical of the Views album, well a clip of French Montana playing a new track(unreleased) and Drake comes in with a couple words that has people talking!

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Joe did dedicate a whole podcast to Drizzy, but I didn’t hear hate in his voice, I heard admiration and disappointment at the same time, and really a plea with Drake to step his bars up. Which is exactly why people think Drake saying ‘Pump, pump it up’ French‘s new song is an answer to Budden:

French x Drake ? did he say pump it up ???

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Someone @’d Joe saying Drake was coming, and Joe replied with “Let’s not jump to conclusions Sir.” Personally I’d love to see that battle, Joe is lyrical AF, which means it would popularity Vs Lyrics….who/what do you think will prevail?!

Update: Joe has had a conversation about the words heard on French’s song;

Thx A lot Mal Pt.1

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