Yup you read that right. Over the past few months there have been more and more indications that 50 Cent and Game’s infamous feud has been slowly (as far as we know) fading away. Game racked up a high club bill with 50’s EFFEN Vodka and also showed up to support at one of his shows. Than Game took a photo with Lloyd Banks. Now Game’s Bloody Money soldier, King Pharaoh, took to his Instagram to reveal some news that every early 2000’s hip-hop fan is hoping is true.

Frankie Zing

First Pharaoh posted a photo with him and Game (check the gallery) about loyalty, than he put up a video of The Documentary 2 and 2.5 recording sessions with Dr. Dre and said to expect a movie about all the drama that went down during the G-Unit era of hip-hop: