IFWT_Broner Louiebags

Adrien Broner has never hid his love for his fiancee known as Miss Louiebags but that also didn’t stop him from cheating on her.  The couple has two children together including a boy and a baby girl they had earlier this year, but Broner’s cheating reportedly made Miss Louie pack her bags.

Broner is in crisis mode, hitting Snapchat and Instagram, begging Miss Louiebags to take him back.  Yes literally begging with the “baby pleaseee.”

He says he’s hurt and stressing and needs her back.

Clearly, the split is driving him crazy as he’s making all sorts of videos begging her for another chance.

“Baby, I miss you. I hope you see this. Call me, I’m hurting.”

Broner says he’s been so distracted, he recently got pulled over by the cops because he couldn’t think straight.

So far, no word from Miss Louiebags.

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source: TMZ Sports