IFWT_Shareef ONeal

There’s a new O’Neal teaming up with Kobe Bryant but this one wants to seriously learn from him.  Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef, said Kobe offered to give him one-on-one training this summer and he’s excited about it.

I’ve posted Shareef’s basketball highlights and he’s insanely good, he’ll get even crazier under the tutelage of the recently retired Bryant.

“He was telling me I need to train with him.  I’m going to probably start training with him this summer.”

“If we play 1-on-1 imma try to win.”

But yes, this is the same Kobe Byrant that Shareef’s father used to hate immensely.

Shareef says all is definitely well between the two, they send each other text messages frequently.  There’s also been talk of Kobe joining Shaq and Co. on Inside the NBA.  The banter and jokes/disses between the two would no doubt be funny.

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source: TMZ Sports