Calvin Klein are known, and have been under-fire, for their sexually suggestive ads but this recent upskirt ad takes it to the next level.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The ad features 22 year old Danish model Klara Kristin looking down at the cameraman taking pics under her dress. People have said she looks young and therefore promotes pedophilic/perverted behavior. Here are some of the comment son insta:

“Exactly when did pedophiles become your target audience?”

“Guys are promoting child pornography this is a child and there are some many child molesters out here a damn shame you need to take it down who ever through that this was a brilliant picture gotta be a child molester.”

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is singing a petition to get it removed and demands an apology from Calvin Klein.

Take a look at the pic in the gallery. What do you think? Is it sexy? Is it offensive? Do you even care? Let us know.