A cop’s body cam records him shooting a woman running toward him with a meat cleaver. The shooting has been considered “justified and reasonable.”

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Greensboro Police Officer Timothy “TJ” Bloch shot Chieu Di Thi Vo back in March of 2014 after someone called the cops saying the lady was chasing her mother with a meat cleaver. The video shows Bloch arriving on the scene asking where the woman was. Upon finding Vo, he asked her to put the cleaver down. Once she disobeyed he shot her. Executive director of the advocacy group Southeast Asian Coalition Cat Le released a statment saying,

“It raises a lot of questions in our community of immigrants and refugees who don’t speak English. There’s a lot of folks here that believe the policies need to be looked at.”

Vo’s family released a statement in which they denied the woman lunging at police, threatening her mother, and yelling at Bloch in Vietnamese.

They said,

“From the 5-6 times that we watched the video last Tuesday, it appeared that Bloch stood approximately 10-15 feet away from Chieu Di and only waited for a couple seconds before he started opening fire on her. Within that distance, Bloch did not have to respond to Chieu Di with lethal force as she was not an imminent threat to his life.”

Source: Complex