There’s some good news for the original hip hop fans out there. The Sugarhill Gang has won legal rights to use their original name, and they will be performing in concert very soon. Hit the jump to find out when and where.

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Rapper Ice-T announced this week that he along with Mickey Benston would be kicking off “The Art of Rap Festival” this Summer. Starting in July, hip hop pioneer groups such as Sugarhill Gang, Naughty By Nature, Mobb Deep and others will be performing their most classic hits. Aside from the concert announcement, Sugarhill Gang had an announcement of their own! The group has gained the legal rights to their original name, and will be able to use and perform with it. But, over the years the Sugarhill Gang brand has been used and left many fans frustrated when the original members weren’t performing at previous shows. Mickey Benston assured:

“R.I.P Big Bank Hank. He is the only member not on stage. He is replaced with HEN DOG. And yes, there once was a group out before using the name. Now come see the group that was on the original recording ‘Rapper’s Delight.’. The real Sugarhill gang.”

Ice T also shared:

“I would not have it any other way without the original Sugarhill Gang.”

It’s safe to say that we have a great show in store. Will you be getting tickets for the “Art of Rap Festival”?