Have to give credit to Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich. Despite his team basically being ran out of the building by the OKC Thunder and watching their season end, coach Pop was in a better than expected mood post game. Maybe it’s something that comes with time and being in the playoffs as much as he has, that you know sometimes you are going to take the loss while someone else celebrates. The Spurs have damn sure been on that celebrating side plenty of times in the past fifteen years but OKC may have put an end to that era last night. While that part remains to be seen, Coach Pop was still exactly who he always is, even having fun with a reporter.


Reporter Michael Lee noticed Coach Pop having an extended talk with Tim Duncan late in the game and decided to ask about it during the post game presser. Pop handled it exactly the way you would expect knowing him.

The Spurs losing means we have to wait till next year to get more great moments from Coach Pop.