IFWT_Vuze VR Kit

Vuze announced their 360 VR recording camera and it’s available for pre order, along with a special recording kit!

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Whether you’re a professional videographer or record video as a hobby, Vuze released a new camera capable of recording 3D 360 videos. The Vuze camera is the first high quality, high resolution 3D 360 VR camera available for consumers.

The Vuze Camera is lightweight and compact, capable of recording 4K 3D 360 VR video and comes with it’s own mobile app, editing studio, and VR headset.

The Vuze camera makes recording 360 videos super easy so if you aren’t a professional videographer you don’t have to worry. The same goes for editing videos since the Vuze camera also includes their own integrated studio that makes the task of editing simple too.

Now that Vuze is gifting people with the ability to create a new wave of visuals, 3D 360 VR, get ready to see a lot more of it.

As it is there are plenty of 3D 360 videos popping up on people’s timelines. Mostly in the form of advertisements or promotional videos. But now that this technology will be at the hands of consumers, we’re definitely going to see people stumble upon new ways to expand on the visual experience.

Source: Hot In Tech