Lil Kim has been sitting Pretty in her Alpine, New Jersey mansion since 2002. Well, looks as if the New York native will be relocating soon if she continues to miss her monthly payments on her estimated 3 million dollar mansion.


Recent court documents reveal that Lil Kim has been put on schedule to pay a monthly mortgage of $9,935 since she bought the property over ten years ago. HSBC Bank sued her back in 2010 after she started to fall behind on her monthly payments. Fast Forward to now, she is due back in court with HSBC and its representatives are due in court this upcoming June, after they failed to reach an agreement during March negotiations. HSBC is requesting for full possession of the property as well as court costs. If the dispute is not resolved next month, the house will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Hard to believes since lil Kim’s baby father was just seen on social media flashing and throwing money into the ocean for no reason at all. Though their situation is a little messy lil Kim has a short time to get her coins together or her $3 million dollar mansion will no longer belong to her. Her last project dropped back in march.