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Is this the end? According to Joe Budden, he is about to embark on his final solo tour. Taking to Twitter moments ago, the New Jersey rapper announced dates for 6 shows, explaining they were “the last Budden shows ever” and thanking fans for helping him live out his dreams.

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Budden has been crafting a joint mixtape with Araab Muzik, Rage & The Machine, for the last month. If I know one thing about Joey, it’s that he always has a trick up his sleeve. As he’s been calling himself “Rage” (and Araab “The Machine,”) I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if these “last Budden shows” are simply because he’ll be touring as Rage from now on… (That’s not inside info, by the way – I’m literally just guessing.)

Either way, Joe has also found success in the podcast world with his I’ll Name This Podcast Later, and is still a member of the rap collective, Slaughterhouse. I’m sure he’ll have plenty to keep him busy!

Check out the list of dates in the gallery.