While at LAX, Mike Epps went off due to the fact that he thought someone had taken an envelope he had that contained money. Confrontation got heated between Epps and authorities.

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The real story was as Mike was sitting in the Delta boarding area, he dropped the cash filled envelope. A janitor found the envelope and reported it to authorities. Epps reported that he lost an envelope with $25,000 in cash inside. When authorities found it, there was less than $12k inside. Epps got really upset saying that someone had stolen money from him. He said he did not know the exact amount but he knew there was at least $15k inside. After he called his manager and wife, they both said that they didn’t think that there was more than $12k inside. He didn’t believe them but he went on about his day. He then called LAX and told them everything was okay and that he had the correct amount.

Source: TMZ