IFWT_Fat Joe Highly Questionable

The crew on “Highly Questionable” on ESPN, has been trying for years to figure out which Knick Notorious B.I.G. was talking about on his hit song “I Got a Story to Tell.”  Many people thought it was John Starks but he appeared on the show himself and killed that rumor, saying it wasn’t him but he knows who it was.  Then Jadakiss appeared on the show and was asked the same question.  He said he didn’t know who it was but he narrowed it down to three players, Anthony Mason, Derek Harper or Larry Johnson.  Well Fat Joe appeared on the show on Monday and finally revealed exactly who the Knick player was and it indeed was one of the three names dropped by Kiss.

So which New York Knicks player was robbed by the Notorious B.I.G. after he walked in on Biggie banging his girlfriend?

Well Fat Joe says it was Anthony Mason.  He obviously can’t respond to confirm, deny or explain but may he rest in peace.

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