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You may or may not have heard the hilarious story about the time Prince rented out Carlos Boozer’s house and completely redecorated it, Prince style.  Boozer was asked about it after the death of the music legend.  But first I’ll give you a little recap.

This is the funny version of the story:

IFWT_Boozer Prince story

Here’s a couple more details (via FTW) Boozer revealed on The Triple Double Podcast (you can listen below):

  •  Prince offered to lease it for $95,000, and he accepted.
  • Boozer on the changes that Prince made (get ready for these highlights): 1) The front gate was changed so much that Boozer drove up and down the block because he thought he was at the wrong house. Prince placed his logo front and center where Boozer previously had two lions. 2) Pillars were painted purple. 3) Huge purple rug on the marble stairs in the front with his logo on it. 4) “Purple Rain down the driveway.” 5) Italian cream carpet was all torn out and replaced with black carpet everywhere. 6) One guest room was converted into a hair salon/massage room. 7) Weight room turned into a nightclub with a disco ball.
  • Boozer freaked out and almost sued Prince, then Prince told him that he was using his crib as “inspiration for my album, inspiration for my band.” And Prince sent him money to calm him down and said not to worry, it’d go back to normal at the end of the year, and that if it didn’t look exactly as it was, he’d let Boozer keep the money.

TMZ asked Boozer what piece would he have kept from the house now that Prince is gone.

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