IFWT_Durant Waiters

For Dion Waiters, going from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Oklahoma City Thunder was a breath of fresh air.  Waiters himself said he felt “wanted” with OKC, and it was a vast difference from the vines of him begging for the ball from LeBron James.  Though Waiters has more freedom with the Thunder, Kevin Durant had to remind him that he is the star of the team and should have the ball in his hands.

In the second quarter of Game 2 in the Western Conference finals against Golden State, with the Thunder trailing by four, a Russell Westbrook steal found its way to Waiters on a fast break.  Waiters apparently didn’t see an open Durant who could’ve scored an easy layup.  Eventually Durant curled under the basket and finally received the pass from Waiters and hit a fadeaway jumper.  Though he hit it, it was a more difficult shot than the one he could’ve hit before.  Durant clearly had the hot hand, and that bucket gave him 14 of OKC’s 21 third-quarter points.

Durant walked over to Waiters and said “Hey, man, f— you. Hey, f— you.”  Then he hip bumped Waiters while saying “Pass me the motherf—ing ball.”

It was nothing serious, but just a reminder to Waiters to remember his role.

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