A 15-year-old girl took to social media to show an incident that occurred while she was in school. The girl, who goes by ‘annifaras’ on Instagram shows a cop manhandling her.

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She posted her video in two parts on Instagram. The first part of the video was captioned,

Please watch, this is CHAMPLIN PARK HIGH SCHOOL. THIS is what white people do, you would never think being as SMALL as I am, and a FEMALE. I would be MANHANDLED by a police officer & all she wanted me to do was leave which was what I was doing!!! Until this man grabbed me and put me in this room with others blocking the door so no one could see what was going on. I told him he was grabbing me WAY to tight and he responded with “what’re you twelve? Come on” As I tried to call my mother she tried to snatch my phone, I opened my camera from the lock screen and recorded what was going on and she was unaware. According to my mother, I was Manhandled like this because apparently they haven’t seen my face before and assumed I was an intruder (since someone random came into the building two days ago and fought someone) I recently got out of the hospital for having Mono, my joints and muscles hurt and this man squeeze the shit out of me, when I told him I had joint pain he laughed and acted like he wasn’t harming me. I’m not posting this for anyone’s sympathy I’m posting this to let you know even if you’re a FEMALE they do NOT see that, when they look at us they don’t see PEOPLE. You may think your child going to school safe, but this is living proof that no matter what gender you claim at the end of the day you’re black, in their eyes you’re NOT SHIT. My voice wasn’t heard today, and unfortunately I’m currently the only pro-black one in my house, so my mother just ate their lies, disregarded my pain and yelled at me for asking them not to touch me. I’m suspended for 5 days AFTER being man handled, I am only 108 pounds, and was manhandled by a police officer named Andrew Dickinson. This is proof that a pretty , dainty girl like me can be handled like this. stay alert. Repost if you can, make my voice heard!!!!! CHAMPLIN PARK HIGH SCHOOL MIND YOU THERE WERE STILL OTHER STUDENTS IN THE BUILDING !! @ebahotty AND HER MOTHER WERE TRYING TO SEE WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO ME AND THERE WERE TEACHERS BLOCKING THE VIEW.

The second part read,

Here is pt.2 of me telling him I have MONO & all my JOINTS hurt. And he called me delusional, I was not resisting or fighting!!! They brought me into a foyer with NO cameras they were unaware that I was recording. When my mom went into the office they ONLY showed her the video of me asking her not to touch me, but they never showed her the video of Dickson manhandling and dragging me in that room AND blocking the doorway so no one could see. Now I’m showing my mom what REALLY happened and she’s in tears and apologizing. MIND YOU @ebahotty and her MOM were trying to see what they were doing to me and they were BLOCKING the way

in the video, you can hear the cop telling the girl that she will go to jail for disorderly conduct if she decided to walk away. There were people standing around condoning the actions of the officer as the girl was cooperating.

Source: IG (@annifaras)