Fat Joe has been making quite a bit of noise in the sports world over the past week. You already know by now that last week Joe was on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” where he revealed as far as he knows the song “I Got A Story To Tell” By Biggie was about Anthony Mason. That statement set off a firestorm, especially in the NYC area, as people went crazy after learning that, either praising Joe for finally revealing the truth, or being upset with him for seemingly throwing a shot at a man who is not here to defend himself. He thought more people knew about it and did say he regretted ever saying anything but the damage was already done. Former Knicks star, Charles Oakley took issue with Joe about that and pretty much called him a liar, as he said Mason never mentioned anything like that to him. Today, ESPN had Joe back again, this time on “Sportsnation” where he had another legendary story involving an athlete, this time being Mike Tyson!


Joe told a story that involved him and Big Pun where they were at the tunnel nightclub in New York City back in the day and they had an issue with the bouncers at the door. They wanted Pun to take off his shoes before he walked in and he refused. Things escalated quickly from there.

“Next thing you know he says something about Puns mom and before you know it, out of the 10 bouncers it starts turning into 2,3,4,5,6, they all start saying lets just beat up Fat Joe & Big Pun…So I’m telling Pun, We about to get knocked out, these guys are cocked-diesel seven footers, Pun’s like I don’t care lets do it, lets go. Now it’s 8 of them, 8 out the 10, only two of them are like chill…

Out of nowhere we hear this voice go “Yo Pun, Yo Joe, lets F these dudes up, I got your back”. We turn around and it’s Iron Mike Tyson. 2:30 in the morning with the cuffie on, fresh outta jail, had the suit on and he starts taking off his shoes. It was a blessing, Allah sent us a blessing. I turn around and everyone is like oh my God.

To speed up the story, we ended up going outside of the tunnel and Mike Tyson started chasing the bouncers around the car and they were screaming “yo Pun, Fat Joe please, tell Iron Mike please, call him off”

I think it would be anyone’s dream come true if they were about to get jumped and suddenly Mike Tyson showed up to help you out. Another legendary story courtesy of Fat Joe.

If you wanna see the video in full, head on over to Sportsnation