Stacey is back again with the republican antics click more for the Dash dish
Chinyere Anokwute
Stacey has always been very vocal on who and what she supports and why but this time she is supporting the one candidate that no one wants to win .. Trump! Actually Dash has been supporting Trump since his campaign started, according to her blog on Patheos she has had several Trump supporting articles including this quote…

Obama used his race as a vote ticket — conjuring support he did not really earn. Trump is right when he says that Obama has done nothing for the African-American community. Unlike Obama, he does not make promises he will be unable to keep. Instead, he provides viable solutions for the mess Obama and his administration have created. Trump rattles off truth like it’s second nature, and for some people, this can be a little hard to swallow. (Personally, I find his candor refreshing.) As Clinton digs herself deeper into her pit of lies, Trump builds his campaign on much needed fact. Black communities of this country need someone who is willing to fight for them — something a president of their own race was unable to do. Trump is fighting to defend and restore the rights of American citizens — not black, white, Hispanic or Asian citizens — but the American people as a whole. He even actually went into black communities to talk to pastors to help him understand what and how to DO what will bring opportunity and change.

We are all entitled to our opinions whether good or bad and wrong or right but I will say that Obama did bring our troops back, has helped in every crises that arose in including the earthquake in Haiti, and has brought down the percentage of unemployment for AFRICAN-AMERICAN’S. Think on that Ms. Dash!
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