These guys really took throwback Thursday to another level. What else says nostalgia than the Rock talking smack to and laying down the smackdown on X-Pac. Ah, the attitude era, how we miss you.

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Someone tell local entertainment group HANN Productions that they have waaay too much time on their hands, haha. I’ll give credit to their creativity though. Imagine sitting in the train, then all of a sudden you hear the classic,

If you smeeeeeeeeeell *dun,dundun* what the rock *dun dun dun* is cooking!

Then, none other than the drastically-less-brolic version of The Rock himself comes out holding the classic WWF championship belt. Also, The commentary, meant to satirize WWE legends like Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawyer, was just brilliant; just about spot on. X-pac later joins him for a little trash talk followed by him getting Rock Bottomed and People’s Elbowed… on the train lmao Funny stuff.

I’ll give them an A+ for creativity. The people on the train seemed to enjoy it. What do you think? Check it out ourself: