Fat Joe might want to keep his head on a swivel next time he is anywhere in the vicinity of Charles Oakley because the former Knicks star is not happy with him. As you know by now, Joe was on ESPN’s Highly Questionable last week, where he revealed the infamous Biggie song “I Got A Story To Tell” was about Anthony Mason. Puff then confirmed that news this morning but Oakley feels they aren’t being honest and is wondering “why now”?


“You don’t talk about a guy after he’s deceased,” Oakley said “definitely disrespectful.

Oakley says for all the years he was close with Mason he never once mentioned anything like that ever happening and it’s because of that he feels Puff & Fat Joe aren’t necessarily being factual.

Also, like you heard Oakley say, If Mason was here to defend his version of things, Fat Joe would definitely be hearing from him. If only he was