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Everyone knows the sad story of the killing of Trayvon Martin. Back in 2012 George Zimmerman killed an unarmed black teenager and literally got away with murder. Since the trial has ended it seems as if Zimmerman has not shown any remorse for his actions. He has put the gun he used to kill Martin on Ebay. It seems as if he is trying to capitalize off of killing an unarmed minor. Now Zimmerman is bashing Trayvon Martin’s mother and father and is saying that his parents didn’t spend enough time raising him. Crystal Wright seems to agree with Zimmerman and is defending him for bashing Martin’s mother and father. Check out the video after the jump.

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Crystal Wright seems to agree with George Zimmerman when it comes to the statements he made about Trayvon Martin’s mother and father. Wright claims that Martin’s mother and father were leading their lives the day of his death. Wright also stated that there was a lack of strong parenting that led to Trayvon’s demise.

It is absolutely disgusting what George Zimmerman is doing and it’s sad to see that people are agreeing with anything that he says. The only lack of parenting that I see is from George Zimmerman’s family. Their son seems to be the loose cannon in this situation and does not feel bad for any his actions. His behavior after Trayvon’s death is extremely questionable. Crystal Wright needs to take several seats.

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Source: WSHH