Calvin Harris was involved in a violent car crash where he suffered injuries serious enough to be sent to the hospital, but reportedly jetted out the hospital after finding out he can not get a private room.

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Calvin Harris was involved in a terrible car crash Friday night where he suffered serious injuries that required medical attention.

Law Enforcement shares with TMZ, Calvin was a passenger in a Cadillac SUV and around 11pm a Volkswagen Bug Convertible driven by a 16 year old girl, crossed the center line crashing into his vehicle.

Harris suffered a laceration on his face that required immediate medical attention. Paramedics took him to L.A. hospital.

Harris requested for a private room, but the hospital had none available during the time of, and once that was stated Harris hopped off the gurney and left against medical advice.

The driver and her passenger were both taken to the hospital. The passenger was reported to have been ejected out of her seat and broke her pelvis.