Cicely Tyson received her honorary doctorate from Julliard today! Tyson has been known for her work as a great actress and director to films off-screen. She will also be honored with a Doctorate of Fine Arts degree from the American Film Institute for her long history working with them, where she was recognized for her work she contributed to some of the films produced by the Institute.

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Cicely Tyson is shown with her honorary doctorates from Julliard in which she received today! Congratulations.

According to Essence Magazine she will also be receiving an award in June, a honorary doctorate degree of Fine Arts degree from the American Film Institute.

Tyson has a long history with the institute and is an alumna of the Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women where she directed the short, Save Me a Place at Forest Lawn in 1977.

Tyson also starred in Sounder, a film recognized by the institute as one of the most inspiring films of all time.