Like most Universities, the maintenance staff’s children could be given a free ride; all the kids have to do is get accepted. Well, that was exactly the case for janitor, Fred Vautour, as he sent all 5 of his kids to Boston College for free.

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It was never a question of if we will go to college or not. We will go to college. And that’s what he always instilled in us.

Those were the words from one of his sons. Fred’s motive was strictly to make sure his kids have a better life than he did. In order to get that you have to work hard, according to him. That’s exactly what he did and it definitely paid off.

When his first daughter Amy got her acceptance letter he says they both broke-down and cried. He was so proud that the acceptance letter is still placed on one of his walls. In fact, Fred and his wife have a wall dedicated to the acceptance letters of their five children. It shows that their children’s success is something that him and wife are very grateful for.

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