According to a report from The Information, Apple is making their own speaker for Siri to compete against Amazon Echo’s Alexa!

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It looks like Apple has seen the value within Amazon’s Echo as they are in the works in creating their own version but for Siri. On top of that Apple is now opening Siri up to independent application developers, so she may getting a few new custom additions as well.

The move from Apple comes as a long-term project, so it may be some time before we actually see any reveals for the device. Much of the beginning stages of the project is geared towards creating a dev-kit for the third-party developers as well. The Siri speaker will function similar to the Amazon Echo and will most likely share the default features too; however there is a high chance it could do more since Siri’s software will be open to third-party developers. In addition, Apple is already ahead of the game, as Siri can speak and understand multiple languages, while the Amazon Echo is only English-based.

The development of this type of equipment certainly foreshadows much to come within in the tech world. More specifically in smart-home appliances, cloud services, and artificial intelligence. This type of technology will only become more popular in the months – maybe years – to come, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Google were to announce something similar.

Source: The Verge